Do you Take Commissions?

Yes. Contact me to see about my schedule and pricing for your commission. Generally I don't do commissions for less than $300.

Will you SIGN this card/book,etc?

I will sign things at appearances and conventions. If I’m not appearing anywhere near you then you can try suggesting me as a guest for your local shows or tournaments. Magic Fest doesn’t compensate their guest artists so I do not do those (unless they change their policy ofcourse).If you have my address from previous signings and send cards anyways, I will be returning all mail to senders unsigned if they are postmarked after July 25th 2019.

Will you create artwork for me for free or for percentage profit?



Can I Use your artwork on my project for free?

If you are earning a profit from it in any way then NO. If it's a non-profit endeavor and runs no advertisements on the site or video then e-mail me at to ask about the particular piece. Much of my work is work-for-hire so in most cases using the work in any way would be a violation of their copyright so it's their decision whether to allow it.


It's not from a knife fight. I was attacked by a dog when I was 5 and it broke my jaw and orbital socket. That's where the scars came from and the missing muscles can make it look like I have a black eye.