Display and Icons

The World-Splitter pic is being used for a display at a game shop in Houston. Looks pretty spiffy.
Also, I just got my hard copies of all of the books. It will still be a while before I get a hardcopy of the GM screen. Awesome to have in hand and see that the books have gotten better. Adam definitely did the best layout of the four books. Having it in my hands though, I realize the images are really really small. I'm going to talk to the printer (Lightning Source) about what we can do to help them improve the quality on future printings because these copies have a rather obvious problem with values 8-10 printing on images (although no problem with pure black text) and some images look to have banding. These guys are the most affordable though so we may just be stuck with them until money improves. My Blade of Fire pic and several of Mark Facey's images were ruined though. It's been a blast art directing and it's nice to see that display with two hard copy books with my artwork on the cover and a big poster with my art.

Layonara just posted a preview of some of the icons I've been doing. http://devlog.layonara.com/ There's only a few on there that I didn't do. Hadn't done any of those in a while. Finally returned to that and did 25 this week. Also finished two more pics for the childrens book. I think I'll wait until I've finished them all before posting more. I'm going to have to make tweaks across the board on them. The rabbit's colors need to really match from image to image plus my parents think the rabbit hitting it's head on the underground ceiling looks demonic.

I'll post some more art soon.