I've got a couple of pieces under NDA that I'm waiting to be able to show but for the most part I haven't posted any updates because I've been working on the MMORPG icons and comic concept art. I used to post the concept art that I was allowed to but lately there hasn't really been anything worthwhile. I've done several planets as seen from outer space which aren't that exciting or photo realistic. Then I'm also doing a bunch of space ships that they don't want me showing. I've also been taking over a lot of other people's pieces for doing orthos or revisions. That's really painful. It's hard to have the motivation to work over somebody else's piece when it requires a lot of time and then you're left with something you can't really claim as your own and therefor will never show up in your portfolio.

IFX and conceptart.org have really created this fad with speedpainting so I'm afraid I'm about to get hit with having to fix that stuff up. It's like being handed a rorschach inkblot and being asked to draw it from 4 viewpoints as a space ship. My head will likely explode in the coming weeks. So far I've just been hit with one of these types of pieces.

All clients decided to disregard the fact that I may need my money in order to eat. One took three weeks to pay me when they normally pay day of completion. Another spread payment across three weeks. And another is overdue on payment by 5 weeks. This last company will have screwed me whether or not they pay which is another story that I won't air here. In any case, I've already made more money this year than I did all of last year and I've still got two months to go. Improvement keeps my hopes up.
I hope to be starting a series of illustrations about the character from my Elorgo illustration. Should be fun.
Also I've nearly finished the patio in my backyard. I still have to bury a couple of the rocks a little deeper. The extension on the front was kind of an afterthought so it's craft is probably a nosedive. Hard to tell from this shot but three of the rocks in the patio are huge compared to my wussy physique.
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