Jon Schindehette prompted a weekly sketch over on his blog where people try to imagine an evolved cockatrice. I guess the last time I'd heard of a cockatrice was back in the early days of Magic the Gathering and I remembered it being a long, thin thing so I was surprised to see Jon's example was a compact and stout beast. Anyways, just sort of tackled this without wracking my brain too much. Wanted to keep that compact design though.

This is a sketch in my new moleskine. Absolutely loving it. I had to do a bunch of sketches for Aberrant to be used as final illustrations and it was a real joy working in this sketchbook. Paper can take a LOT of erasing, you can draw easily across pages (needed since it's small), and it's just a real comfortable size to have in your hands while watching TV,sitting in a car,sitting in a restaurant,etc. Pages are off-white which I normally love but I can't get it to take prismacolors.
P.S. Updated my website. Took some stuff off and put up some stuff. Still waiting for some art to come out from under NDA and then I'll be posting it.