Checklist in the head

I made this list and put it above my computer. I'm not going to be a slave to look at this all of the time but I think it will be useful for when I'm stuck on a piece and can't figure out the problem.
  • Are there any tangents?
  • Where do lines lead?
  • Have long lines been broken up?
  • Are the silhouettes interesting?
  • Where's the point of highest value contrast?
  • Where's the point of highest color contrast?
  • Where's the point of highest texture contrast?
  • Where's the point of highest shape contrast?

  • Are the colors harmonious?
  • Do the colors support focal point?
  • Is image cool or warm? (Can't be both)
  • Is it saturated?
  • Are there subtleties?

  • Has perspective been drawn out?
  • Has necessary reference been used?
  • Is there an atmosphere?
  • Are the light sources clear?
  • What time of day is it?
  • Are the figures stiff?
  • Does the skin feel like skin?
  • Have I remembered to consider transparency?
  • Are there soft,hard and lost edges?

  • Are the details in the shadows or light? (Can't be both)
  • Has movement been indicated?
  • What's the mood?
  • Does the image tell the story?
Joe Slucher1 Comment