Composition and Convention

Working on a big art order of 21 pieces. All post-apocalyptic. Lots of vehicles. The average quality of my work is really on the rise I think. I've really committed to the idea of trying to make each piece look as good as I can despite whatever I may be getting paid. It certainly helps the self-esteem to not be making pieces that are under par. These pieces still need work but of the 5 I've done, I don't feel like I should throw any out and start over rather than making corrections. Still difficult to try to hit the over-all composition and character/vehicle design at the same time. I've realized when I get super complicated briefs with a half-dozen things going on, I tend to come up with diagram-like compositions. Here's the flaming skull, the exploding bike, good guy, bad guy, stormy sky, and flunkies. The compartmentalizing also tends to make the individual parts a bit generic and separate. It's from a desire to please a client by fulfilling all of the requirements of an illustration. While important, ultimately the client wants a great illustration and I should be less shy about cropping,grouping and lowering certain things on the hierarchy.

Looks like my most affordable option for GenCon is going to be 11x17 posters sold in mailing tubes. Print costs for larger images really jumps up beyond that size while I'd feel a need to matte smaller pieces and sell them in plastic baggies. Matting and baggies would really shoot up the cost of those smaller pieces. For the display, I think I'm going to maybe have my Taishu pic and maybe the Enter the Pumpkin pic printed and mounted either on canvas stretcher or standout. Not sure about the rest since I don't understand the hanging system yet.

Big opportunity is coming up with the announcement of a new Thunderdome competition on CA. Unless it doesn't start for a while or the deadline is way off, it will be hard to create anything for it. I've got this big art order to finish and then a baby and GenCon coming in early August. Still, I hope to participate. I learned a lesson from the past 2 I've been in and I think I can make a piece aimed to please judges.
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