So I finally did a livestream and found myself surprisingly nervous. I've talked to classes before and done tons of portfolio reviews but working live in front of people was a bit nerve wracking. Made me more timid and slow. Next time I'll have to make it something more focused like rendering some sharp texture on something. That would limit the length and eliminate stress.

Anyways I've been doing some actual oil painting. While I've been happy with how these little paintings have gone, I'm excited to soon be trying some new materials. Hopefully in a couple of months I'll be experimenting with some alkyds and water miscible oil paints. At the moment I've been mixing in a lot of painting medium to increase flow and it extends the drying time. I also mix in a lot of medium to lower opacity when laying down the base color.

I like to do my drawing on illustration board but it soaks up the paint a bit too much. So I go over my pencils with pure matte medium. That preserves my pencils and makes it so that if I want to make highlights later, I can rub off a touch of paint with a rubber tipped color shaper to get back to pure white. Dan Brereton does something similar. He does the matte medium thing to preserve his pencils and than paints with watercolors but doesn't add much water. Then later, he can just rub anywhere with something wet to erase back to pure white/his pencils.

In college I had to use acrylics so that I could transport art and it would dry in time. I always hated using acrylics though. They dried too quick and dried darker. What I found worked best was to paint much lighter than you planned on the final image being. Then after the acrylics are dry, go over it with a thin wash of a very dark oil paint. Then rub off the wash for your more lit areas. Picked that up from some demo in a mag by David Michael Beck. He's another Cincinnati artist.

Anyways, I haven't continued the dark wash at the end with oils since they take so long to dry. I'm hoping alkyds will allow me to bring that trick back or that water miscible oils won't require medium and will therefor dry faster for the wash at the end.