So the baby has really thrown a wrench in things. Didn't realize until the day of that the deadline was here for the owlbear challenge. Threw together this illo at the last minute. The goal was to try to make it so that you didn't have much you could put your finger on and say "that's from an owl and that's from a bear." The strange should eye/eye stalks came from the thing I like most about owls being that they can turn their head nearly 360 degrees (I think). So I wanted to give it eyes that could really look all over the place. Then the spikes/horns were...well a take on the horned owl. Originally I had these guys with wings, then that morphed into velvet moose antlers and then I thought it would be cool if visually they created a flared out shape like the horned owl. I came up with the odd little sketch for the baby one where there's a massive beak in the front and then just thought it would be neat if as they aged, it grew small and rotated down to the center of the chest. This was all done super quick though so I can't make the argument that I lot of thought went into it. Probably should have made them furry so that they're a bit more like a bear. Threw in some little birds for size reference. Probably should have worked something into the foreground. Even if it's not the best rendered, hopefully it will at least stand out as the most drastic departure from an owl or bear. Not thrilled with it but am actually pretty happy with it considering how quickly I pulled it together.