Pet Peeves as AD

I know I changed my format to being posts more directed at myself but I thought I'd still post this.

  • If I post a call for artists stating that we pay X and you respond citing your e-mail as a response to my post, don't be shocked when I offer you work for X pay!!!! READ! Read a post before you waste my time with an e-mail! Quality illustrators made this mistake. If you're simply submitting your portfolio for consideration for future covers or would like to try to negotiate higher pay, then you better say that in your initial e-mail.
  • If you're a studio, have a studio name and use it in your e-mail. Don't send me an e-mail as "Greg" and link to a portfolio by a half dozen artists. I won't know whether I'm just supposed to look at Greg's work or if I'm looking at the entire group.
  • If you have an apprentice/understudy that's going to do part of the work, better tell me that shit. If you haven't told me and I find out, you look like you're cheating me. Or if you tell me at the end of the process when I'm getting your information for the credits, I'm going to be pissed as well. Some companies might be okay with it but I'm not. I don't like the idea that you could be paying your apprentice/assistant/understudy $5 to do a drawing for my company. When our company paid less, we had problems with people trying to turn in plagiarized work and we've seen it with other companies who pay very little. For the same reasons, I personally have absolutely no interest in working with studios.
  • Telling me you might be late with your work because you've got some work with a BIG company that you REALLY need to finish by X. WTF. I'm understanding and will say okay but you have to understand that I think you're a dick and given the choice between you and someone close to your skill level, I'm now going to choose the other person every time.