Awful. Just awful.

Thought I'd make a not so serious post. Dug up a couple of old pieces that I thought might be amusing to bring up.
Couldn't find any of my pre-college stuff on disc but I was mainly creating linoleum cut prints and textiles. Then there were a couple of ink wash drawings from life. Without much work or experience under my belt, I decided to go into art. Mostly because my mother came home all of the time hating her job and it made me want to pursue something I enjoyed regardless of whether I was any good at it. These images may be a little misleading because I actually worked mostly traditionally because my college didn't have a lot of support for digital work. But this is what I had on disk.
Beginning of 1st year of college. 2001. hellblazer fan art.photoshop. I love how I used the circle selection tool to make the outside line of the wheel but didn't use it for the interior. Somebody didn't know how to contract selection.

Sophemore year. 2002. Painter on a Mac. Thought photoshop work was looking too digital and the novelty of Painter attracted me. Look at how everything is made up of a million brush strokes! hah hah. Oh painter and your default brush sizes and inability to handle large
brushes. You're probably thinking, "wow you were still absolutely horrible your sophemore year! You must have been the laughing stock of the school." No I'm afraid I wasn't the worst. Not even close to it. Scary huh?

Junior year ( I think). You can see that somebody is digging the Hellblazer covers by Tim Bradstreet and has mixed in some techniques he's learned from going to Started thinking that year that watercolors with microns was the way to go.

Senior year 5
Finally played with oils for illustration rather than just working from life. Didn't gesso the illustration board so the oils dried much faster and I put in a lot of painting medium to increase flow. This bad boy was shiny like glass. Really liked how it looked in person. For my senior thesis I did a bunch of digital environment concepts where I was still struggling to figure out how the hell photoshop works.
End of 2005. One of my first gigs for RPG industry. 4 days to do a cover for Silven Publishing. I don't think this is a great piece or anything but I think it shows that I learned a hell of a lot about photoshop in that 3 months between graduating and doing this piece. It was also a ballsy perspective to attempt for my limited skills and the limited amount of time I had.

And here's a pic I finished recently. 4 years since the previous entry. I think I might just start updating this every 6 months. See if I can't blow the previous entry out of the water. Force me to keep an eye on whether or not I'm actually improving. It kills me a little that I can still see a bunch of bad habits carrying on.
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