So I had my portfolio review today. My reviewers were Jason Manley,Brett Briley (or did he leave before mine, I can't remember),Anita Kunz and Brian Hagan. So I got lucky with having two extra reviewers there.

I was really worried that they'd pick a weak piece to really critique the hell out of and wouldn't give me a broad overview of what my problems are but they really did give me some solid direction so that maybe my future pieces will be better.
I'll get to those broad things at the end, but I know some people wanted to know what was said about certain pieces so I'll go through the individual pieces real quick. Now this is just based off my notes, I haven't had an opportunity to go back and watch it on demand.

Perhaps move bird into void in top right. Maybe cape blowing up on left. Figure appears to be on separate layer as it's edges are too defined. Edges within figure seem better so I need to lose some edges on the outside. Lower leg of leading leg appears too short. Potions aren't sort of bouncing up like the knife,cape, and clothes. Belt shouldn't be straight across. Could bring some light or shapes into the background to add some interest and depth. Some sort of dark shape to break up ground plane perhaps.

Underwater part doesn't look underwater. More murkyness or bubbles or fish swimming around. Birds or fish or something to show sense of scale better.Fins look a bit wooden. Opportunity for transparent fin. Jason wished ocean floor was more interesting.

Blood Goddess
Green background is too harsh. Maybe bring some of the fog throughout image. Thought pink glow was Kali's foot. Could design trident more. There were some comments about the blood that I wasn't able to catch. I think I was having pen problems or still taking notes on Mage because I don't have anything else written for this piece. I'll have to go back and check this out on demand.

Elorgo's Tale
Bring some of red into bottom right. Possibly cloak too. Face that's streaking up in cloak looks a lot more artful and interesting than the Elorgo face which has been cut off from everything else. Arms form perfect horizontal and vertical that's hurting composition.

Demon VS Angel
Muscles on demon are all tight. More relaxed sections can be very detailed while the parts with more movement could have less detail.

Broad Overview
I need to work on my color circulation.I need to work on my edges.Both of which could loosen up my stiff figures.
Some things to keep in mind to really kick it up a notch. Try to keep counterchange in mind. Think of some figure/field play. Try to really think of creating shapes with areas to create interest. Use focal points within subjects to create push and pull. For instance a bent elbow could be facing us and the elbow would be detailed and then the detail would fall off towards the wrist and deltoid. Helps to create depth and resting spots within the figure. I think my figures have suffered from an equal overall treatment dependent upon their plane so I think I'm really going to try to focus on this in some future pieces.

Jason also told me to just go ahead and completely learn zbrush or sketchup because just knowing them a little bit doesn't help with employment.
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