Cover and painting

Wow the new system for uploading pictures is so much better now. With that and a scanner, I now have no excuse for not updating this more.

First image is a cover I just completed for Dark Skull Studios' New Gods of Mankind. I'm happy with the background and sort of the colors although they are a bit middle of the road. While I do think it probably deserves to be in my top 18 pieces, I have to admit that there's no way I could imagine WotC using it. Kind of heartbreaking and usually that makes me try to beat the piece into submission but in this case I've decided to move on. Part of the problem may have been the nature of the assignment where I felt the client wanted a somewhat conservative straight forward image. Frank Frazetta rocked those sorts of images though so I still don't have an excuse.

Next up is an oil painting of a dragonborn. I wanted to try out some water miscible oils and I really loved them! It made the rough in much quicker by just doing a wash of burnt umber and rubbing out the light areas and slightly darkening the dark areas. If I were to try to use the the same oils on top of that wash I would have gotten some color bleed like with watercolors but I was able to just work on top immediately with regular oils that just ignored the water. While I was doing the same thing with watercolors, the areas of the initial lay in can be left as is for the final since they have the same oil look of the more rendered sections. Since I was adding water to increase fluidity, this also dried much quicker than expected! So I'm really hoping this might be a viable option now with the simpler briefs and the briefs that pay more money. This painting was a bit rushed because it was for myself and I was paying a babysitter while working on it. I plan to fix it up a little bit digitally so that it fits the style guide for the dragonborn more. In the D&D world they have a bit more of a rounded bump of a nose and have more spines in their frill. I kind of detest the style guide's nose though and I figured I'll likely be stuck with this in my house forever so I might as well make it more pleasing for me. I'd hoped to keep this painting looser but kind of lost my way.

I submitted to Spectrum for the first time this year. I think it may have been the first time I've submitted to be in any book. I figured if I wait to submit a piece that I'm super proud of, I may never submit an entry. Two friends who have been in it said it didn't lead to any additional work though and most of the people in there, I imagine have more job offers than they know what to do with prior to submitting. So it feels like a bit of vanity submitting.

I've finally completed all of my work for Abberrant. I think I've been working on their Warlands stuff for a year and a half now? Glad to finally be able to move on. So I've completely cleared my plate now and haven't submitted the old portfolio to anybody in a while. Now I just plan on sitting down and trying to knock out this children's book as quickly as possible, draw from the nude once a week and maybe do some paintings for occasional contests. Ofcourse if some work came along for any CCG's,Paizo or WotC, I could see myself doing that instead.

I'll be signing up for a booth at GenCon again this year. Last year I sold enough to pay for the booth and that's satisfactory for me. Still lose money after hotel stay and prints are factored in. If I do as well as last year, I'll be fine with the investment. I have so many prints left over from last year that I won't have that much as far as booth expenses. I'll still be printing up some new prints but there will be much less and I also hope to have more originals this year.