Managed to make it to sketch group on Tuesday. The weather has interfered for a couple of weeks. Bit rusty. David Mack was there and it was fun to meet him and goof off. So here are two sketches from that. Plus one of the children's book images. I've also attached two rough sketches I did for a company years ago that they never responded with feedback to. Never got a chance to make them acceptable. Normally I don't make rough sketches this detailed or in color but I was under the impression they needed an insane 30-50 illos done in 60 days. I obviously used Poser for the skeleton sketch. For the first image I was actually handed concept art that my illo was to follow. It was a cyborg zombie covered in mech-like armor except for its weak point,the head, and had a gun for one hand and a flail for the other. Kind of weird illos to deal with since it needed to fade on the left and potentially have room for anthro illos in white lines on the right. Not to mention a very specific lighting and color scheme because they wanted everyone to try to ape the lead artist's style as much as possible. Anyways, I'm not really interested in taking these to finished  since I think they have foundations of super weak concepts (perhaps that's why the client never gave me feedback) but I thought they were pretty nice sketches.
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