Short One

A post to let you know I'm not dead. Working on children's book stuff. I'm done with 15 of 24 illustrations for it. Should be 18 of 24 tomorrow. Crazy amounts of snow have kept the babysitter from visiting and my wife was stranded away from the house for two nights so I've been watching my little one a lot. I believe Aberrant is about to finally release some artwork I did so I may have some new stuff to show soon. Plus I plan on returning to the dragonborn oil painting and trying to increase the realism.

I was super flattered recently to be invited to join a private peer critique group. Hopefully I'll be able to start taking advantage of that when I get back into hunting down RPG work. Just focusing on the children's book at the moment and I have to admit I was a bit disheartened by the game industry when some great potential clients told me at GenCon they were going to send me work and they never did and never responded to my follow up e-mails. Another one of those things that has me leaning towards striking out into the field of zbrush for which I've already purchased several training vids and have been watching regularly.

Registered to attend Illuxcon and registered for a table again at GenCon. Hope to have more oil paintings this time around. I made the last 7 children's book illustrations in oils and think I'm getting really comfortable with the idea of switching completely to oils now.
My time as AD at Dark Skull Studios has finally ended. I just have so little time to work this days (about 20hrs/week) that I'm just not willing to spend any of that time not creating artwork. I don't know if Richard is looking for a new AD but you can always e-mail him. He'll probably ask me what I think of ya though so if you're one of those freelancers that gave me late work I'd forget about it.

Anyways, I was putting together the CD's of all of the files to send to Richard and I'm really happy with the products I put together. I got to work with some great artists and I think we put together a great body of work. A lot of people really surprised me. Mark Facey was an unknown to me and had VERY little work to show me and was a bit of a gamble for me but turned out amazing. I could say the same about Alan Lathwell. Then there was also Pat Loboyko whom was practically the reason I pushed for raising the rates on the last book and he didn't disappoint at all. I don't know if I can claim any responsibility in the high quality of the art since I rarely asked for changes (although I gave Mark some direction) but I think I made the right choices in artists except for two people who only accounted for 3 pieces. Looking through the files just suddenly made me very glad I did that work even though at the time I felt a bit like it was keeping me from making more artwork.