Trying to improve and make more believable fantasy art so maybe I can start landing those dream jobs for WotC and books. So as you can see I've started making little maquettes. Hopefully it pays off although the dragonborn pic hasn't been particularly popular. Once I complete the children's book I should be able to do one of these a month and hope for the best come GenCon and Illuxcon.
Trying to think of what sort of pieces I need to do to round out the portfolio. cover piece-one that contains some ambiguity and is looked at almost more as art than illustration
2.strong female character pic. not a pin-up but something that shows that hey I can paint a woman.
3.high action!. Perhaps even very complicated such as a big battle scene
4.high tech
5.fix Elorgo illustration
6.another piece targeting D&D if I haven't covered it with 2 or 3.
7.A piece targeting M:tG if I haven't already covered it with 2 or 3
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