Children's book is almost done. Have to touch up two paintings for it. Digitally paint over a pencil sketch and digitally finish 3 paintings that are already started.

Still working on the Mutation Nation image. Trying to make it my most polished image to date.
So I've started thinking about my next piece which I sketched out a while back that is meant to target D&D. Again I'm wanting to get more and more believable illustrations so I've started being very detailed with my reference. This one involves multiple figures and I was a little at a loss of how to do the ref and I knew sculpting the scene would eat up quite a bit of time. Last night as I was going to sleep I came up with an idea. I had some of these little toys made of plastic lying around that would be easy to cut up and I thought perhaps could be heated and forced into poses. Found one figure that matched the pose exactly. Cut off the legs and rearranged them for another. I don't like the pose of the big guy's free arm but I can fix that. Carved his extended head down some and added some sculpey to give it more of a belly. Also carved off some weird lumps that were all over the big guy. Shooting ref was kind of difficult with the dramatic lighting and a crappy camera but I think I got some pretty useful stuff.