Sketch Night

Digital sketches from life at last night's figure drawing session. Also posted my rig for that. I've got that programmable key strip so that it's like I still have a keyboard. I use it with my cintiq as well.

Guess what? The last six sketches for the children's book are drawn out and have the matte medium drying on them right now! Should be finished at least by next week. There was a little delay because I decided to ask for some reference from an artist friend and my cousin. Both got me some great stuff so that I can go ahead and knock this thing out. Maybe Finn will even like it. I know Ada wants to see about getting it published but the images are all over the place. Some are painted and some are all digital. I also drew each illustration however I liked the composition the most so there are some horizontals and some verticals that might be tricky when it comes to layout. I've had such a hard time working on this though that I chose to remove the orientation as a concern so that I could finish it quicker. I guess if a publisher were interested I could re-paint some stuff.

Anyways, I'm chomping at the bit to post the portfolio all over the place and start looking for work again. I promised myself I'd wait until I was done with all of these illos first though. I'm also eager to order ZBrush and finally get cracking on that really seriously. Also, CA finally made the portfolio reviews available so I've been able to re-watch that and see many others and it's got me all excited to bust my hump.