This week

Recently completed a ton of revisions to two old pieces. I think they're much improved and revising them really helped me spot some mistakes that I apparently tend to repeat. Next up is Elorgo's Tale and Taishu.
I just purchased zbrush and have been playing with that since Monday. Working on a troll for reference for an illustration. Same illustration where I took the photos of the chopped up miniatures for reference. Definitely screwed some stuff up making this guy but I've learned not to make those mistakes next time. His legs are a mess at the moment because I haven't touched them. Not sure I'll mess with them since they might not make it into the final illustration.

Also, I bought a nifty gadget for my Gencon booth this year.
Last year I thought my panel was okay but the table was an absolute mess. I have to admit that I had a plan for the panel but not for the table. I didn't have a clue as to how to handle it so I just sort of laid prints on the table in piles.  I knew that for future tables I needed to get something upright so that it was additional art that could catch people's eye. Drew Baker and Mark Poole both had these pedestal sort of things where they'd have some actual prints. I think people found this to be an easy way to stop by booths and not feel awkward as well. Anyways, I found this thing for $80 that has a weighted base and spins freely from landscape to portrait format. I think I'll use it as sort of a catalog where I'll put a sticker on each page that says "available as 11x17 for $15" or "available as special edition 11x17 for $20.Run of 50" This year I think I'm going to print up a monster sized print of Taishu as that's what gets most people to stop and the print I had up of it was only like 13in wide. I imagine sales could only go up if I could get more people to at least stop.

If anybody knows of any conventions on the east coast where I should really get a booth let me know. I'd like to attend more conventions but I'm never able to keep up with when they are. I missed ConGlomeration this year and I'm really kicking myself for it. I'm also hesitant to attend horror or comic conventions because I don't know if I'd fit in.

Oh yeah, now I don't know whether I'll be at that book fair but I probably am going to use one of those self-publishing sites for the children's book so I'll post when that is available on amazon and what not.