There's a website called Kickstarter that works as a third party for accepting donations towards projects. I heard about them a couple of weeks ago but blew it off as being useless for me. I can't get anybody to donate to me currently and at the moment I'm not wanting to do a graphic novel or anything. Now I'm considering setting up something on there so that people can donate to send me to next years Illustration Master Class. Backers of various amounts would get the sketches or paintings created there. Not sure if Kickstarter would allow it since the funding isn't for creating a product. Still might be worth a try because I don't know if I'd ever spend that much money myself.

I know a lot my watchers probably just found out about Kickstarter through Jon or Rick. Have you come up with any clever ideas for this site?

Another potential project for Kickstarter is an instructional book idea I've had kicking around that I've been meaning to make some sample pages of and propose to Impact books. Don't worry, it's not about technical stuff but rather it's about idea generation and creativity. From dealing with the children's book though, I'm not sure I'd want to publish on my own or print a ton of copies and have selling them become my job.

I've made a couple of nice pieces here recently that I thought I'd be able to show in November but the card set that precedes it has been pushed back to 2011 so I won't be able to show it probably until 2nd quarter 2011. Pretty bummed about that. If those pieces aren't good enough for my portfolio by the time that rolls around, I'll be in awesome shape though so no complaints I guess.

Client delays mean I'll be working on a personal oil painting today!