So it's famine at the moment so I've been running down my mental checklist of ADs to contact and I remembered something insane I used to do. Makes me laugh now.

Seven years ago I had an excel spreadsheet that had nearly every company listed on RPGnow plus some others. Column 1:Company name. Column 2: AD's e-mail. Column 3:subject matter and style. Column 4: Estimated pay range Column 5: date portfolio was sent. Column 6: Response or feedback
We're talking a hundred companies probably. Can't believe I spent that much time just to be organized but that was me hunting down my first jobs and I was tenacious.

Now a days I just collect everybody's business cards at the conventions and then write the same notes on the back. Still, as I look through my stack of cards, I kind of wish I still had that database.
Joe SlucherComment