Otyugh bug

Had an awesome weekend! Started to recover from being sick for one but I also took a lot of time to thumbnail for personal pieces. Came up with about thirteen illustrations I want to make. Plus I started revising a pic that's under NDA and will be slathering the dwarves VS troll pic with matte medium this week. Not sure when I'll get around to that oil painting though. Oh yeah, this dying otyugh was one of the sketches. Not sure I'll pursue it though. There was another sketch with a similar theme and I just thought I'd try to translate that sketch to having a D&D critter in it so that it can be another pieces targeting D&D.

Also, I'm working on some card art and I think they're coming along super well. The average quality of my art is really starting to go up. I'll thank making reference for the improvement. I also thought for these most recent pieces that I'd try out the Gamut Mask. I thought the palettes generated from it would lead to desaturated or low contrast images but so far I think the images may be popping more than my previous images. Surprised by that.