GenCon 2010 recap

It was good. Made $437 this year which I believe covers my booth and print costs. Last year I just covered booth so that's an improvement. I need to start selling originals if I want to make big money. Might want to think about frames as it allows for bigger purchases. I've been catering more to the youngster with posters on their walls than collectors. Might need to try to hit both areas.
My neighbor Kelly Howlett had a pretty sweet contraption from Crate and Barrel for displaying prints. She was also very nice.
My other neighbor was Chris Pritchard and he was very cool as well. Last year everybody was borrowing from me but this year I kept borrowing from Chris. It was interesting to see how he did since he was offering bookmarks which I always imagined would do well but never got around to myself. Still not sure whether to offer bookmarks.
I sort of followed Drew Baker's advice on print pricing and I believe it worked. I think if I'd sold my 11x17 prints for 15 rather than 20 I wouldn't have seen any additional sales and would have made a lot less money.

I printed very few prints for this convention and I realized once I was there that I'd forgotten to make prints of Crudsucker, War Goddess and Modifications. I think it worked out for the better though. I nearly judged perfectly how many prints to make this convention. I nearly sold out of all of my Taishu prints. I sold a Dragonborn print which covers the cost of the other Dragonborn prints. I sold one Blood Goddess print which covered the cost of the left over Blood Goddess print. I sold Cerebus and Angel VS Demon prints as well as one of my tiny oil paintings. Most of my money came from the Taishu print. I didn't sell a single print of Overconfidence which was a big miscalculation as I ordered 3 prints of that I think and it was a more expensive size.

Just so you know, I have a zillion prints left over from 2009 so those will be around for sale until the day I die.

The whole WIP podcast crew stopped by and said hi at various points. It was very nice of them. Couldn't believe they drove 16hrs to go to GenCon.

Tyler Walpole was the big inspiration I left with from the con. I'll just be honest. I didn't like anything at his booth last year. This year though, everything on his wall blew me away. I need to find out how he got so good so fast.

Jim Pavelec was nice enough to stop by the booth for a minute and talk to me. He seems to be a really nice guy. Run out and buy a copy of InkBloom.

Drew Baker was using monitor stands to show off artwork and it looked really nice. Something to remember when I think sales could cover it.

Saw a guy attach the bottom end of a painting to his panel and let the top part extend above the panel. That's something I could easily do with my foamcore prints to add space. I don't know why I hadn't thought of it sooner.

The cast of The Guild sat with a group of us at the Hyatt bar. Kind of interesting. I admit I mostly just continued to talk to Woodrow Hinton and Amy Ashbough and Andrew Bawidamann. I got to meet Christopher Burdett in person. He was nice too.

I should have printed more business cards. I have to admit that I was a little lax on getting more because I felt like I wasn't desperate for work this year so I wasn't concerned with fans being able to pick up business cards. At least 500 cards were picked up last year and I probably heard from three of those people. All of which just added me on facebook.

Still doesn't look like I'll be getting any work from WotC anytime soon which isn't really a shock. I think I've begun to put them out of my mind though and am just trying to make good work. Jeremy Jarvis gave me some great crits though that had solid art advice in there. He also said my most recent portfolio piece was my best which is great. One of the other AD's gave me solid advice on what would make a good book cover portfolio.

I still don't think I'm going to get any work from FFG which is another sign of how incredibly far I am from getting any WotC work. Kind of seems strange but I'm not going to worry about it. I was excited to see that World of Warcraft is owned by a new company now. Maybe they'll make it easier for artists to submit their work than Upper Deck.

I'm sick now. Sorry if I forgot to mention anybody. Thank you for buying something if you stopped by and bought something. You have no idea how much I appreciate it. Seriously. I'm the most frugal person and cannot imagine buying artwork to put on my wall. Thanks to the guy who asked if my portfolio book was for sale. It's flattering to think anybody would be interested in having a book of my artwork on their shelf.
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