Notes and Update

Good news: I got my check from GenCon and I made more than I thought. Basically made up for the percentage that GenCon takes. This means that one guy that I thought must have just left, must have paid and then never came back for his prints. Strange.

Bad news: The texture art gig is no more. Apparently my work wasn't up to snuff. I should have expected this as he didn't really like my test piece so I have no idea why he gave me a contract to do more. I won't be getting anymore work from them. I was prepared to put everything into that work and it looks like it just wouldn't be enough.

There was a brief moment of terror when that gig got canceled because I had just upgraded the childcare situation. Luckily some gigs have popped up and I should be good until November. Anyways, just had my birthday and Ada bought me a Gnomon DVD on color theory. Mostly just basic stuff but unfortunately some of that basic stuff has probably slipped my mind since it's been at least 5 yrs since I've got any sort of art lecture. So here are some notes.

  • We're more sensitive to the gradations in higher values when they're on a dark field.
  • More sensitive to dark ranges when on a light field.
  • Can use more vivid and saturated surrounding to create a more pale/subtle skin tone
  • saturation isn't common in nature
  • At night greens seem brighter? Not sure about this. I'll try to see if I observe this tonight. Wish lecturer had shown a photograph demonstrating it rather than a painting.
  • Use filter or color of light to create dominance of hue and analogous color palette
  • low sun creates warm light
  • yellow can help join red and green
  • dawn creates low contrast scene? Again, I'll have to try to observe this myself
  • complementary harmony focuses on browns and grays
  • low light/shadows for greens and reds
  • green least seen in sky. again, I'll have to try to observe this
  • pale surroundings for a more flushed look to skin
  • white on dark field looks brighter and bigger
  • dark on light field looks darker and smaller
Not from that DVD
  • law of reflection: direction of outgoing light and direction of incoming light make some angle in respect to surface normal.
I was told to imagine the incoming rays of light as rubber balls and imagine what angle they'd leave a surface to determine the direction of reflected light. I think I prefer the more technical description above. It's somehow easier for me to imagine. My brain thinks rubber balls are unpredictable chaos.

GenCon notes
  • My fancy display/catalog binder didn't seem to really add anything. Didn't get more people to stop. It did give me an excuse to acknowledge a person's presence by saying, "this rotates for the horizontal images," or "everything in there is available at different sizes so just ask if you see anything of interest."
  • Really should have ordered more business cards for customers. Would have barely cost me anything and one commission or print purchase would have paid for it. Poor time to choose to be a cheap bastard.
  • attach lower half of foamcore prints to panel to increase my panel space.
  • dragonborn pic doesn't look enough like a dragonborn. Some thought it was perhaps some race from EverQuest. The fact that it was in oils didn't attract any added interest.
  • I stand to make more money if I had an original of every piece.
  • Drew's computer monitor stands looked handy. Wouldn't look good with a smaller booth but it worked with Drew's larger booth.
  • There were a LOT less kids there this year. I think it's because WotC no longer runs a ton of demos or does the dice roll. Also there aren't elaborate set ups in in the exhibit hall anymore which I think means less kids in the hall. The most elaborate set up was a strange booth White Wolf had where they weren't even selling products and just had a lounge with a couple of booth babes for a booth. Kids love monsters so I missed them roaming the art area.
  • There weren't any video game companies in the exhibit hall this year and there were hardly any booth babes this year. I expected things to be a bit bigger and grander this year. I think the biggest and flashiest GenCon I ever went to was my first and that was like 7 or 8 years ago.  I'm guessing the economy just hasn't been what it used to.
  • The printed portfolio book went over really well. I think everybody asked where I got it from. I think everybody ordered their own too since WHCC seems to have acknowledged the need by making a new similar product available that's slightly better. 
  • Somebody asked if my portfolio was for sale. I was incredibly flattered that someone would want to buy a book of my work.
  • Somebody asked if I'd do a custom paintover of a magic card. Kind of strange since I think you're supposed to ask the original artist to do that.
  • Two people asked about play mats.
  • I didn't sell any prints of Overconfidence and I think part of it is that it's too low contrast. May re-visit it and see if I can't make it pop from further away. 
Next post should be a review of an art tool so keep an eye out.
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