Wrap Up/Review

I feel like the year begins with GenCon. My gas tank gets filled up with work there and then by the time it rolls around the following year I'm starting to run on fumes. That was especially the case this year. So I thought I'd do a little review of how things are going.

I've finally updated my website so that prints are available. That's something I've needed to do for forever so I'm excited about that. My website will also be a lot easier to update now. Bio section isn't like a sterile bathroom anymore. I've successfully branched out to different kinds of art jobs by doing this texture art gig. That also represents me starting to look beyond just trying to finally get work with WotC and Upper Deck. Isn't there some kind of saying about not being able to get a girlfriend until you're not looking for one. Maybe that theory will work :)

Create 3D portfolio now that I'm really starting to understand ZBrush.
Complete the rest of the Lynda.com videos for ZBrush
Move blog to my website.
Create portfolio for book covers (my portfolio is appropriate for gaming but not books)

So I have just been completely failing to make work that's suitable for a book cover portfolio or successful prints and it occurred to me today that it may be connected to my sources of inspiration. In the past I've thought perhaps if I just looked at enough cover artwork my work would naturally swing towards that sense of taste. So far pen and paper games, card games, video games, photography and sculpture are my sources of inspiration. I'd say that interaction with all of those are kind of imagination lite activities or the focus is on dramatic action. They probably wouldn't inspire work that's appropriate for book covers. So I'm thinking that I need to start listening to more music and read more books/listen to books on tape. Those likely stir the imagination a bit more and generate more subtle imagery that are heavier on mood than action.
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