Naked guy

Done from life on my tablet last sketchgroup.

Product review is going to have to wait. Thought I got a shipping notice but it was a notice stating that something was ready to ship and I'd be notified when it shipped. geez. I might write a prequel post that talks about a strange subculture.

Anyways I should be able to show some fun artwork around the end of the month or early next month. I'm excited about all four of them.

Also, I'm getting to illustrate an entire RPG book. That's the October work I mentioned last post. I haven't gotten to illustrate an entire book since I did a PDF for Silven when I was first starting out. I think the knowledge that it was all me helped me to raise the bar last time. I'm hoping I'll be raising the bar this time as well. Pay is pretty good and many of the illustrations are half-pagers rather than quarters so I can allot a larger amount of time to each illo since each one pays more. Really looking forward to it.

After October I think I'm probably going to take on some sequential work. I had previously turned it down because I thought it would hurt the growth of my portfolio and frankly because sequential art is intimidating. Now the idea of regular paying gig overrides any fear.
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