Cubicle work

This is a piece I did for Cubicle 7. I wasn't too happy with how it turned out. I tried to do it as oils and chose too small of a size and was just totally discouraged by how tiny the heads were to try to paint. I also tried using some new oils that were water miscible. They dry very matte so it makes it very tricky if you're using water miscible with regular oils. The regular oils look much darker so some transitions get a bit screwy. Anyways, I did a lot of thumbnails. Made a maquette. Shot photos of me in silly poses with silly clothes on. And it still didn't turn out so great. I think it was partially because I was tackling materials I hadn't used in a while along with some new materials and that combined with the state of mind I was in. Business was going terrible at the time I got this and I was wondering if I was seriously going to have to give it all up. While I've never made tons of money, I've always felt like I've been slowly marching up the hill and at the time I made this, I felt like I'd slipped and tumbled all of the way to the bottom. Things are better now. Hopefully I'll be allowed to post some of what I've been working on sometime soon. Anyways, here's the digital touch up, photo from the maquette and the actual oil painting.

I thought I was quite clevering texturing the surface and scraping a palette knife over it for that mound on the left. I thought I was so Bob Ross. While now I think it is quite a crappy looking mound, I know doing it digitally probably would have irritated the tar out of me. I probably would have tried to paint every little thing in that mound. Perhaps subconsciously I knew that and knew I couldn't afford to so I chose to do it in oils.

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