Here are some thumbnails I made for somebody wanting a private commission. They're really rough. Never heard back from the guy so I guess he didn't like any of them. He had two ideas for an illustration, one being the character flying above a distant city and another one with two characters in battle
I broke one of my own rules here and I think I just paid for it. If a client has little or no art directing experience,  make the first sketch pretty tight. So the error was completely on my end of things. I shouldn't have assumed that someone who isn't familiar with the artistic process can make the imaginative leap from thumbnail to finish. I should have made a solitary sketch that was really clear. I approached with an elongated process that went thumbnails>rough sketch>tight sketch with color study>finals when what seems more comfortable with those new to commissioning artwork seems to be to have a tight sketch and then finals. For me, thumbnails are about general composition and posing and I think a private commission can get freaked out that they don't see a likeness and exact costuming yet. Also private commissions can often be a bit reluctant to voice their concerns or have trouble putting into words what they may have a problem with. Perhaps this client didn't like any of the thumbnails and was embarrassed to ask for more or couldn't put things into words and just found it was easier to just drop the whole thing.Oh well
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