Gearing Up

Gearing up for the big painting. The surface has arrived as well as a couple of paints I ordered to fill gaps in opacity between colors. Shot reference for the female, the bard and the mage. Just put together this little maquette to get an idea of scale between characters and to shot them under various lighting conditions so that I can unify the lighting from the various photoshoots for the individual characters. Threw some flour down in case that white would be able to kick up some light. Not nearly as reflective as real snow I'm sure. Also gathered some reference for the rocks and trees.

Next weekend some armor I bought should be arriving and I'm going to shoot reference for the dwarf. Then I'll start to make some selections from my toned paper studies. I'll post some of them here sometime. Like I said before, I'm really trying to give myself no excuses for a failure. We'll see if it works. Need to get some larger brushes. I know this composition isn't the most complicated but I'm hoping some dark figures on a light ground will help grab attention. I'm hoping that keeping the composition simple will lead to fewer headaches. I'm looking forward to putting paint to masonite but I'm trying to really do all of my homework before that test. The commission pays well but not enough to cover armor and models so I have to just fit it in around the rest of my better paying work.
Joe SlucherComment