From Model to Illustration

Thought I'd post some stuff where I've done commissions where screenshots from 3D games are involved.

This isn't the exact screenshot but this is the same character. The client also supplied a description that included things that can't be seen in-game or were factors he couldn't necessarily control in the game about his appearance.

From there I basically try to mantain the same design but turn generic clothing into more personalized/custom items. So I tried to look at his character's background and use that to inform the designs. This same character is on the far right of the really big painting I'm working on.

Here's another character from the big painting I'm working on. I've got a lot of leeway on these.

 Bad photo I know.
I'm being a tease and not showing the whole character yet but you can see where I've deviated from the design in the game. I'd like to point out that the client has seen my sketches and there weren't any issues with the changes. In the screenshot you can see that the pants appear to be made out of stiffer cloth and are more of a swiss style like this I personally think those pants are really silly looking so I tried to keep the patterning but change it to a looser style. Ofcourse now he looks a bit more like a pirate. Not sure how I feel about it but I do like the stripes. Admittedly the belt design is a bit random. May change it later on during painting. I'm not really sure what's going on with the design in the screenshot but it looked like leather scale mail and I didn't know what the blue parts were supposed to be. Now I'm wondering if they were supposed to be like suspenders for keeping a tasset up.
Anyways, I think somebody asked to see some close ups of brush stroke juicy bits so here are some. Bad photos for now. You can see what I was talking about though in my previous post when I was saying that I'm not really adding a lot of details because it's big. It's just more comfortable because small things can suddenly be painted with broader strokes.

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