Filthy Tease

Just a tease again. Better photo this time but some values look a bit wonky because of reflections and whatnot.
Guy's face on the left still needs work. Third time painting his head and sadly the weakest of the three. Luckily the other two characters should be easy as pie compared to these too. I had some help with the pose but the costuming stuff is pretty much entirely from imagination. Thus the reason that lute is designed more like a guitar and doesn't have that deep round back. I had good reference for the female but they're just always tricky.


Terre Verte by LeFranc is super weak but good for olive skin.

When painting in a basement, wear some shoes with doctor scholls inserts. My feet are killing me.

Projecting the sketch onto the masonite was a huge mistake. I haven't liked adhering paper either and grids are too tedious. Looks like I'll just have to have sketches printed large so that I can do graphite transfers from now on.

Should try using masking fluid next time.
Joe SlucherComment