It's Complicated

So here's probably the most complicated piece I've ever worked on. It's the cover for Book of Mortals by Dark Skull Studios for whom I'm the Art Director for their print products. So yes it was my idea to do an illustration with a zillion figures. In the game there's the Well of Souls which contains souls that are pulled out and enter the spirit stream where they eventually find bodies on the known world. So the central figure is about to be sucked out into the spirit stream. There are several different races so I tried to show all of them. We've illustrated souls several different ways in the books with some being more vague and ghostly and others looking as they did in life or will look in life,etc. So I chose to go with the more substantial version. Originally I planned on making the composition dark figures on a light background but ended up doing the opposite pretty quickly. I'm still not sure about. I think the piece may even need some more figures

I think the only thing that could have made it more difficult was if there was a mech in there somewhere. These kinds of things are tricky as I could easily spend an insane amount of time on this. The pay was good but it's one of those pieces where it would be nice to hire a model for every pose and even then it'd be difficult to do an aerial shot of a model in the water unless it was done at a pool with a high diving board. This will be shown with a pretty big logo over the top third that covers up most of that and another logo on the bottom third that takes up a little less.

Joe SlucherComment