Cincy Comic Expo

Quick re-cap.
Attendance:I'd estimate 800 maybe over the course of the one day event. I suspect the people running the convention will say 1200. They might be telling the truth, I have no idea.
Venue: Really nice. I probably got one of the weaker spots by not having a wall behind me but it was still nice. Great lighting. Easiest loading and unloading at a convention ever. I was located outside of the main hall but I doubt it really mattered.
Profits:$160(I think. It was cash transactions so I may have made more)
Previous convention's profits:0 (didn't even make table at GenCon this year much less cover hotel,food,etc.)
Conclusion: It's too easy to pass up a local con because expenses are basically nothing. I was charging $15 rather than $20 per print because that seemed to be the price everybody was charging. In retrospect I should have stuck to my guns I think. I don't think I would have suffered from it and I think people would have expected to pay more for more painterly imagery rather than flat color.

Previously popular prints at other shows: Taishu and Mage
Expectations: I thought I would be ignored without a comic on my table so I was selling Ignition and Jailing Fortune from Carpe Chaos so that hopefully people would stop by for that reason and happen to see my art. On the contrary, people seemed completely uninterested in anything indy even if it was sequential. If anything my art brought people over where I then tried to pitch them on the comics. They immediately shut down on it when they would ask and I would tell them that I was only responsible for the cover of Ignition.
Popular prints at Cincy Comic Expo: Werewolf and werewolf bookmarks. Business cards?

Conclusion:People were really looking for the familiar and that showed with the werewolf print. Not to mention what I saw from watching which of my neighbors were selling. Apparently my business cards were TOO nice. People thought they should pay me money for them and some did.  I was even asked to sign my business car and was paid to do so. People were taking business cards instead of buying prints. I blame MOO printing for being too good. My order was divided among 7 images I believe and I got rounded corners. They were a bit pricey being about 50 cents per card. I was giving them away to certain people at GenCon but knew this would be a bigger show so I just had them on the table. Now I'm wondering if I should sell little packs of art cards.

Ideas to steal: Another artist said he made an image for a previous convention of characters ____ and ____ doing ____ with the name of the convention in the image and sold it as a limited edition. He said it sold a ton and now makes one for every con he goes to. Sounds like that might be an absolutely great idea. So if I decide to go to GenCon I might have to make a GenCon 2012 image or for May I might have to make a 2012 Forge Con image.

What did the comic convention say to the copyright?
Nothing. It just starts raping the shit out of it.

Yeah I don't think it's funny either. That's why I don't freeze frame shots from movies and trace them or do nothing but fan art.
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