Joe's One Overwhelmingly Positive Post

This month I'm finishing chapter 4 of Myth of Midigan. Then in December I have a book cover, two other full color images, and five greyscale chapter openers to finish. In January I'll probably do another book cover, 8 more color images and 9 greyscale 1/3rd pagers. In Febuary I'll probably be doing chapter 5 of Myth of Midigan to finish up that story.

After that stretch I'm going to cut out nearly all of my freelance work beside for covers and I'll just be doing the webcomic and art directing for Dark Skull Studios! I'm super pumped about it. This year has felt like I've been an air traffic controller lining up countless planes to arrive and depart and always having the fear that some plane isn't going to land or depart when they're supposed to and there's going to be a terrible crash that ruins my career. Dramatic but yes it's been stressful.

My employment with DSS is improving to be more of a steady and dependable thing as we're moving more towards Facebook games. This is a big part of being able to cut down on all of the freelance stuff. It's sort of like I'm on retainer so I know I'm going to be paid and I know I have to have schedule time to be available for them. At the same time, if I'm not needed then I have time to work on my own personal project "Food Chain" or "Corporate Hell" or just work on taking my Zbrush skills to a more professional level.

Carpe Chaos is a really great gig but only really has me busy 40 out of 90 days.  Although as I cut down to these two clients I'll probably do some additional stuff for them such as blog posts. I'm super excited to be finishing Myth of Midigan as it isn't my style of artwork. I've been a bit intimidated by doing the more sci-fi scripts but now that I'm becoming pretty good with zbrush at making maquettes I'm kind of looking forward to modeling some of these space ships and stuff. I also feel like I'll be more prone to be a Carpe Chaos evangelical once they're one of only two clients and the product I work on is more in line with what I myself want to see out of my art.

For the first time my income is finally getting up there. That is awesome to me, especially since my biggest worry is just covering the cost of child care so it's nice to be able to think,"this years income is enough to cover this year and two and half more years of daycare." I also feel like I'm becoming more of a powerhouse for lining up future work. I'll soon be able to say I've art directed a couple of facebook games on top of the printed books. I'll have sequentials in my style to show as well as a more significant amount of sci-fi work. I'll also soon be willing to start showing some of my 3D models.

It's also been a feel good year as I've actually been able to help out a lot of my friends and peers. I've set up about a dozen other artists with jobs this year and helped a buddy of mine get started working on facebook games. Almost all of these guys made me look even better with how well they came through for the people I recommended them to. :) Also, I was able to buy two artists personal projects with one being Nicholas Cloister's RPG Creatures. You can also see my review there. I also pre-ordered Jim Pavelec's Hymns and Wretched Offerings to the Golden Ones.  If you know me, you know that's kind of a big deal as I'm super tight with spending money on stuff that isn't food or an art tool. Another feel good thing about this year is it looks every client will have paid me this year WITHOUT hassle. :)

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