I've been trying to make it to sketch group more often.

Lately I've been thinking it would be kind of fun to teach and approach it in a really right brain style. You know actually put artwork to the student as a means of making a living. So assignments would be given out as though they're jobs with contracts and everything. If a student delivers the work by deadline they are awarded points equal to the pay for the job. If they're late then their pay faces the same penalty as listed in the contract and reducing the points. Furthermore each job is given a letter grade. When given another assignment the rate is determined by the previous job's letter grade. Then there'd be the fun of surprising them with potential rush work that students could actually turn down. So they'd be aware that the rush work could bump up their points but if they score a lower letter grade because of the rush that would result in a percentage drop on the rate of the next assignment that makes it not worth it. Might be fun to be delinquent in rewarding them points! hah hah. And at the end give them little updates like, "company Y reprinted your cover for five different language editions of that book" or "company Y is selling your work as clip art now" or "company Y never published their book and the contract was payment upon publication."

Then at the end of the semester they'd be able to see,"I would have made X amount in 5 months and that's if I could get jobs with Y."
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