Artist Reference Figures

 Triad's EVO and EVA in the back. Hot Toys TrueType muscular Caucasian  in front left and Hot Toys TrueType Advanced African American Male on the right.
I finally got too fed up with the Triad action figures I was using for reference. They'd be holding a pose and a leg would just pop off. Also some of the hands were practically impossible to change between. Well I ordered two TrueTypes and they blow the Triads out of the water. The Triad EVA and EVO review constantly has lots of views so I figured I'd let people know about these figures.

Right out of the box their joints were good and stiff making them able to hold poses well. The articulation is excellent in both. The skin color for the caucasian is better IMO than the Triad skin color. The TrueType Caucasian is more matte than the triad one but I'm not sure which I prefer. The African figure is a bit odd since they chose to make the head sculpt after Obama. So it's not really a leading man type of face and I think that may be less popular. The lack of popularity is why I was even able to find one in stock though. The snap on additional leg muscles are kind of neat.

I will say that I think I prefer the Triad hands. They're stiffer and more varied. The TrueType hands do go off and on much easier and consistently though.

Originally I was bothered by the way there aren't ankles on the TrueTypes but now that I've used the Triad ones I realize how much the TrueType system expands the range of movement. The TrueType muscular caucasian does have less range with not being able to rotate shoulder blades backwards and not having a neck that moves like the Advanced TrueType. The shoulder articulation doesn't bother me at all though as the movement seems more in line with a normal range of movement and the softer material actually does allow the arm to come forward and across the body. I do miss the neck articulation and the ability to rotate the upper arm. I really like how the elbows are done on the muscular version. On the upper body of the muscular TrueType they've tried to add a overall skin texture that comes off as a bit odd. I can't help but think they should have just concentrated on the big forms and not worried about something so small. The more matte finish to the muscular figure means that the little bit of gloss they have added to the eyes really makes them pop. The stands that come with the TrueTypes are really useful and much better than my homemade setup.

I would have bought a female TrueType but there's no articulation across the abdomen so there's no opportunity for contrapposto. I fear poses inspired by the figure would be extremely limited and of the more boring variety. Unfortunately it appears to be a popular design idea among this 1/6 scale action figures.

Note that some of the older TrueType models have big ol' giraffe necks as they're meant to have clothing put on them and a longer neck works better with that. I'm not dressing my figures up like dolls so I really want the anatomy to just be as close to normal as possible.