So here are some thumbnails for a book cover followed by some color roughs and a little bit of work-in-progress. This is a super early stage of rendering. Still pretty rough and not sure how I'm going to render the geyser of darkness. I guess I could render it like a regular geyser of water but it sounds like this magic stuff is described more as strands or threads. Then there's the whole magic streams above that are supposed to look like an aurora. I'm thinking I might bring in more water off to the left and right so it can reflect some of those color so that's they're not just in the sky.  I'm going to have a model pose for the adult woman. Should be tricky since it's an action shot and a cloak and everything is involved. I'll try to use my camera's setting for capturing action but I might just have to get a ladder and do some finagling.

Initially I was pretty interested in this composition of a column of dark with a bright orange stripe horizontally through the middle. Now I'm kind of wondering if I should have hit the characters with a a really bizarre and strong light from below so that they were more of a white on the black background of the column of darkness. I don't think I could get myself to do it during those color roughs because I couldn't come up with a logical reason for that strong of a light source from that angle.

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