Just a reminder that I will be at Forge Con (Lexington KY) on Friday,Saturday and Sunday. This is the only place I will be selling prints this year so make sure to stop by. The exhibit hall is free to enter and my prices will likely be a little lower than normal!

I'm in the process of working on four more interiors for the same product that I've been posting work for and the cover. I think the villain is a bit dull conceptually for the cover so I think I'm going to have to approach it like fine art and aim to really capture one light effect. Since the concept isn't mind-blowing, I'm going to try to make the believability factor mind-blowing. So I've started on a zbrush sculpt of the villain. I'm hoping that when the sculpt is done, I can show it as my first piece of portfolio quality zbrush sculpt. I've been using it for a while but I haven't put the time into making the sculpts presentable or really professional. I'm really working on making this one efficient with it's polygon count now that I know how to retopologize in zbrush. I've really been hitting the books hard on figuring out the little stuff with Zbrush so hopefully it pays off.
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