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Blogger has changed so forgive me if this post comes up a total mess.

I'll no longer be doing any sequentials for Carpe Chaos. I mostly quit because working every third month made scheduling freelance a nightmare. I could have gone full-time with the work but I wasn't that in love with doing sequentials. I made a ton of money working for them last year so it was a pretty bold decision to make but I'm happy with it and feel like a huge amount of stress has been taken off my shoulders.

So now I've begun on a gaming cover that hopefully will be the beginning of a new era of better artwork by me. I'm giving myself more time to be creative. I'm going to be more critical of my work and try to imagine it alongside the artwork of others that I love. I'm not going to be afraid of making big changes for fear of hurting my profit margin. Here are some pics for that client which were done before leaving Carpe Chaos but I think are already beginning to show a bit more finish.

I've also begun art directing a new Facebook game. I'm excited that one of my good friends has had his game pushed to next in line. The previous game I came in as the third art director on the game. So it's a bit of a hodge podge and has a bit of a blurry artistic vision. It was an awkward situation where I came in and was told we'd be beta testing in a month and I ended up art directing over 150 additional pieces of art. So I ended up determining the look more than I anticipated but it was so incremental and under the impression that everything needed to be implemented immediately so I'm not really happy with that first game. For the second game, I'm creating a really detailed style guide covering rules for drawing, palettes, silhouettes, splash screens,buildings,items,animations,etc. Without even having commissioned art yet, I can clearly see how the game will be cohesive.

There were client issues in this past 6 months that really caused me to get jammed up with work and that creates a cascading effect of stress,panic and bad artwork. Plus I had a couple of particularly picky clients that had me pulling my hair out with one asking for me to move something by 8 pixels. So even beyond the rush, I know I was developing a flinch. You know how in highschool boys will start a prank like smacking each other in the balls when they yawn or aren't expecting it? Before long all of the guys are flinching at any sort of sudden movement. I think I was perhaps being conditioned to turn in work early and go ahead and cover up my balls because I assumed there would be an absurd or absurd number of changes so why take something to full polish when you know a client is looking for revisions to make regardless.

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