Bear attack and book covers

I finished the bear attack piece. I feel like I made some progress with this one. It was a particularly efficient piece. I think I did a much better job of identifying the 20% of the image where I wanted viewers to focus and playing down the rest. It's ofcourse a lot easier to do with fewer characters and the last 2 pieces had a lot of characters in them and were a bit difficult to group in any meaningful way.

I haven't read a science fiction/fantasy book in a long time but yesterday I found myself shopping for one for probably the first time in a couple years. Maybe even a decade. I found myself FAR more drawn to the young adult books from their covers rather than the adult ones that I felt I should be looking at. All of the adult ones use a super realistic style and for some reason I just didn't find them exciting. Then it occurred to me that that's obviously what art directors are looking to purchase for this audience so I'm kind of screwed. I don't think I'll ever go that realistic or will even want to but the content of my images are often aimed at that age group I think. Gaming covers are aimed at an older age group I believe but they have less realistic images so I hadn't realized how screwed I am on the literature side of getting clients. So I think if I want to start getting more book covers, that I need to tweek my content/storytelling to target that 15-18yr old crowd more unless I think I can and want to go down the ultra realistic path.

Joe SlucherComment