Stained Glass

I found a use for a filter!

So I saw somewhere where people sometimes take a photo or piece of art with a palette they like and then use filter>texture>stained glass to create a palette from the file. I thought that would be excellent for helping out with compositions. I know a lot of people use Navigator to get an idea of how their composition is coming along but I still have trouble. I found this technique a little better. Here's a comp and where I went with it. The other illustrations are set in a very green forest/jungle so I ended up pushing everything greener. Ended up changing the pose of the characters to create more of a foreground/middle ground/ background set up. Also here's the palette for another image I'm working on. I may even push the lighted area even more towards white. I've decided my images tend to be too dark so I really want to try to have the lighted area stick to 1-3 value range rather than the 3-5 range that I think I'm prone to. Here's a sketch for another image as well. These three images will complete the RPG project that all of these illustrations have been for.

Joe SlucherComment