Zbrush sculpt WIP

work-in-progress. Still rough at this point.
So I'm doing a zbrush sculpt for DSS that will be manufactured as a 45mm figurine. That's nearly 2 inches tall or about the same size of miniatures that people use for board games,etc. So I can't sculpt much detail and it has to be under so many polygons. These screenshots go right up to that number of polygons. So I might have to reduce the number of polygons in the sword and shoulder stuff and get rid of the flames on the ground. There's also probably a simpler way to do the flaming shield.
Either way, after this is used for printing, I think I'll go ahead and raise the polygon count and make an attempt at making it into a full detail sculpt. Maybe I'll even end up doing a polypaint.

Anyways, this is fun. I feel a bit like a kid in the candy store. All of the training and stuff has been worth it. I could live with being hired to do 3D work full-time.
Joe SlucherComment