No art this time just an update. I've still got these two full-time job opportunities that are rolling around and hopefully one of them will come through. One involves a lot of travel and more managing of art stuff rather than creating and the other is in Philly. The big freelance job that has had contracts signed is really exciting though and at the same time intimidating because there will be no excuse if the work I do for it isn't stellar. I'm getting paid what I'd probably get paid to create a M:tG card and I'm being given a lengthy time frame. I also pitched several illustration concepts to this client (rather than them approaching me) and they loved them all and to my surprise basically asked which I'd like to do first. So there's no reason this shouldn't be my absolute best work to date. A bit scary as it's never been more apparent that my work needs to rival the artwork in M:tG. I'm excited though as I feel like I'm at the top of this big  wheel and I've just got to take another step or two before I reach that tipping point and it starts rapidly rolling and carrying me off to great new things.
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