3D print

My first 3D print is here! Pretty exciting to see in the flesh so to speak. It's 8 inches tall and feels super fragile. Can't wait for prices to lower for these kinds of prints as I would sculpt my own 18inch anatomy reference models and print them up. Right now something like that would probably cost me about $800/model so that's not happening.
The super important illustration is coming along nicely. I feel calm working on it which I think I'm just now realizing is a first. I don't know if the calm is from a lengthy deadline with the pay to cover it or being confident in my skills and reference material or the fact that these days it's pretty easy to sculpt anything of concern in Zbrush and have that reference. I'm resisting the urge to post it early but I think it will be nicer to wait until the end of September to show it.
Joe SlucherComment