Everything is going slow lately. Seems like I'm in a constant state of having to wait for e-mails.
Anyways. Here's piece that I'm ready to call done and a sketch for another piece. I've got some other sketches going on but I don't believe I can show those. Supposed to be working on a big exciting order from last week to the end of December but still haven't received the briefs.

On an odd note, I'm getting an urge to try some more anime-ish stuff. I've been checking out a lot of other companies lately and have started to really enjoy some of the artwork for these smart phone games. In particular the wild colors in the Rage of Bahamut card game. Most of the time I don't like the drawing style but the colors,compositions and character designs make for very exciting images. I'll definitely be trying to introduce more of those kind of colors into my images soon. We'll see how it goes.
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