Card Art and figures

I finished up another card yesterday and posted it up on DA. I can hear the crickets. Perhaps the nearly perfectly divided composition wasn't the best idea. I was trying to go way more colorful than I ever go so I was afraid that by trying to have good color circulation I would end up with too gaudy of a piece. Regardless I'll probably make a print of it for whatever convention I attend next. I think brighter and more colorful prints sell better and this card stretches more into the surreal genre than fantasy which I think could result in better print numbers. The box cover for this is going to be fairly tricky as the scene is going to be more difficult for me to continue introducing these crazier color palettes. It will likely be a while before I'm allowed to show that.

Here are some sketches from figure drawing last night. I was pretty happy with the short poses and then things fell apart on the longer poses.

Thoughts I've had lately on art and improving
- When I was really into I would really labor over work. I'd ask everybody for their opinions and re-work pieces for months. I'd beat my head against the wall trying to sort out conflicting advice. Now I really feel like it's best to just do a post-mortem a couple weeks after, listen to any feedback but absolutely move onto the next piece. I think I've improved much more quickly by simply moving on while acknowledging that the previous piece wasn't perfect.

-I've noticed a lot of negativity from other artists lately regarding how others create their work and their content. Such thoughts used to occupy my thoughts. "Is this guy just tracing photos? That armor isn't realistic! That axe is too big! He used a 3D model! He used photo reference! That's just shameless fan art! That's realistic but so stiff and boring. They're using this custom brush. This color scheme is so overused. Rim light is such a gimmick. "etc. I just realized yesterday that I've completely stopped giving a shit about what others are doing in their work. It doesn't matter. It's irrelevant. It's poisonous to yourself to even think about and worse to put it out there. It's a speed bump on the road to rocking your own shit. I think putting this out of my mind has also helped me improve in the past year and a half.
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