Quick post

Disclaimer: The artwork in this post IS NOT MINE. I don't have down the artists' names so feel free to do a tineye search if you want to find out who made them.

Just wanted to talk quickly about why I'm trying to be more colorful as it goes beyond just trying to create more marketable prints.

The root of it is seeing artwork that I really enjoy that's really colorful and thinking, "I would never arrive at that image with my current process/thinking." I don't think stylistically an artist needs to be able to do everything but I think where I'd rather my style narrow is in the drawing aspect and not on the color. Maybe I'm a bass but I want to be able to occasionally hit a soprano note so I'm trying to expand my range of colors in the hopes that it results in my process having more possible destinations than currently available.

Anyways here are some examples of pieces that I've seen and thought, "my current methods would never lead here to this nice image." Second image is by Perzo. Third by Belibr. Fifth by Tom Scholes.

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