Study time

Going to try to take a couple days to practice/learn and create some new tools.

1.Simplifying group shots. I'm not Ralph Horsley so I don't want or care to paint a bunch of background faces and details but I haven't had enough practice with losing details in crowd shots and still make them seem realistic. I know that currently, I would put more work into it than I would want to and then I'd probably have to blur it all and maybe lighten it all with some atmospheric perspective. I think that can arrive at some good results but a more direct route would save me time. So I need to practice painting low details faces and anatomy with atmosphere factored in right from the start.

2.Experiment with painting with the brush on hard light mode. I've seen some artists who paint consistently nice skin tones where a lot of it is done using the hard light setting. I've never tried it, so I want to experiment with it some.

3.I've tried this method of painting with custom shapes LINK. The problem is that I've had problems with photoshop saving the shapes and if I have to create the custom shapes every time I need to use them then it's no longer a time-saver. I need to figure out what this bug is and how to fix it.

Example by Sparth

4.Saw this technique posted by Tom Scholes and Sparth the other day and I want to experiment with it some. Basically the middle image works as a template and then you use a hard square smudge brush set to 100 strength to push the base around. Basically you can quickly create a bunch of components with a shared design sense, etc. So I think I'll create a couple of templates that could combine with this technique to speed things up down the line.

Image by Scholes or Sparth.

5.Try out these new bristle brushes that photoshop has. I've dabbled but I want to spend a more serious amount of time to see how I can MAKE them useful.

6. Basically just look through some of these photoshop tools I haven't used and see how I can MAKE them useful with my process. Focus for all of this is how I can speed up my process. Healing brush, patch tool, color replacement tool, history brush,all of the 3D object tools, gradient maps, unsharp mask( am I the only one not using this?). Also I need to think anew about my custom brushes and what I need to make.

7. Pick up some new tutorial vids by other artists.

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