Working on a batch of stuff. Decided to do something I normally don't do. Try to put together some decently clean lines. I usually don't do much as far as drawing before I getting into digital painting a piece. I usually think of the most direct route to finished product is best. So anymore I don't do tons of prep stuff like tightening up lines that will be painted out, greyscale underpaintings, color studies,etc. Although I do gather plenty of reference. I'm trying to go back to this to see if it improves some of the things I've been unhappy with regarding recent work. I made a 3D model of the girl's head here to try to keep it consistent.
It was fun to do a fish-eye lens picture as there are just so very few times it's appropriate. It makes a lot of sense for this one particular image though. Some of the figures just kind of look blank because that's how they are going to look in the final. The one with her smiling looks kind of strange, like she's high/the joker. The real little kids don't look so great either yet. I'm REALLY not used to ever having children in paintings. It's hard not to give them adult proportions just smaller.

Joe SlucherComment