Critter and GenCon

Almost done with this guy. Trying to do these faster and take shortcuts where I can.
Starting to prep for GenCon and thinking about what I want from having a booth this year. I didn't have one last year because I was helping with the DSS booth and the year before that, I was so busy that I really didn't prepare and my presentation was frankly embarrassing. I always take a ton of stuff and it's a headache to haul it around. Last year (I think) I had a table at another convention and I was able to display a lot more of that giant amount of prints but I think it perhaps was a bit too much like a flea market stall.

Soooo this year, I'm going to do the opposite of normal. I'm going to have a really sparse display but really really well presented. I want to test the waters as far as presenting the work as really high end art rather than posters and merchandise. It may be a disaster but hey I won't be breaking my back hauling stuff around. So that means I'll be printing up a really nice banner to hang on the front of the table rather than my art-less bargain basement banner and I'll put up no more than three prints on the wall behind me. On the table I'll probably just have an even more ridiculously fancy portfolio book that will work like a catalogue for me to pull prints out from under the table. Then I'll probably also have a couple playmats on the table.

In any case, I'm really looking forward to going and seeing some familiar faces. It will really be like a vacation for me. Can't wait.
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