Quick GenCon recap

I'm going to try to keep this short.
I made a profit. This is good. It looks like I'm going to get work with one of those companies that I dreamed of working with as a kid.Now Werewolf the Apocalypse just needs to make a resurgence and maybe I can hit both of my childhood dreams. 

On the downside, I found out that I will likely never be making work for L5R or Paizo. That's a real shame since Paizo is kind of a favorite of mine right now with their diverse cast of characters and the fact that my most popular piece, Moonstruck/Night Shift, is based off a spell from their Pathfinder products. Unfortunately I think I'm barking up the wrong tree looking for work there.

Allergies were kicking my ass the whole time so I didn't hang out with my art friends as much as I would have liked. Most nights I was so zonked from struggling to breath that I went to sleep at 9pm.
I printed as little as possible for GenCon this year...I think my self-esteem was in the dumps. So I sold out of some stuff which is rare for me as I've usually ordered too much of everything.

My playmat was a monster success. The "moonstruck/night shift" piece was so popular that it basically drained the sales from all of my other prints. :( I think it was sooo eye catching with it's metallic print,etc that people wouldn't even entertain buying anything less than that print or the playmat of it. That said, it's still my "Taishu" image that would get people to stop in the first place. I had a lot of requests for a playmat of that.

Did I mention that the playmat was popular? Two other booths were selling my playmat and they were doing well, citing it as one of their more popular playmats. One local business came up and thanked me for making the playmat as it was selling well in their store. One guy wanted to buy one but had to run to his M:tG tournament and couldn't wait in the line. He only had a $50 and I only had $14 cash. He bought the playmat for $36 when I was charging $15. That's pretty amazing. Don't worry, I filled out a receipt for him and paid GenCon myself(plus a little extra twice on that since Barbara didn't bring back the $3 in change I thought she would). I was charging $15 because I didn't want to under-cut my distributor who was there. At local cons I will be selling them for $20 and I suspect they will sell at the same rate.

I need to make more playmats.

I'll no longer be making my fancy business cards for the public to pick up. This year convinced me that some people wanted to just pick up a business card of the piece they wanted rather than buy a print, if they could.

I wish I had originals.

MISTAKE: I went into the con thinking my metallic prints cost a certain amount but I had accidentally packed the wrong invoice with a set of prints. Soooo I was charging more than I would have for some prints although I wouldn't say that the price was insane. I still nearly sold out of them so I guess it was a good mistake. Still, I'll be charging a little less next as I think I will sell a ton more.

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